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El Guarumo - Typical Deluxe Buffet
More than 20 years of experience offering high quality food and beverage, satisfying our clients palates with natural and unique tastes from our gastronomy.
More than a food service in La Choza del Laurel we present and experience through our outstanding customer service which transmits the costarican warmth and sympathy.
Service and Quuality for 20 years


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Why offer a buffet service?

Nowadays tourists seek for agility, good prices, variety and authenticity in what they consume in other countries. These 4 ingredients are the foundation of our service, and also it has the great advantage that instead of seeing photos of the dishes you may enjoy the aspect, scent and even taste the options in the buffet, before ordering.

What makes us different?

Servicio Calidad


buffet service is not a new thing, but our experience and high level service allow us to offer fine cuisine dishes without pushing aside our roots.

Servicio Innovación


we dare to experiment merging ingredients, tastes and gastronomic trends. From our local gastronomy we create novelty dishes with unique flavors.

Servicio Presentación


More than serving a dish we keep our loyalty to our high visual value style, using elements from our culture and idiosyncrasy.

Servicio Variedad


buffet service is characterized for its versatility because of the products rotation. We exploit this to delight and surprise our clients with exclusive options of our own.

Servicio Valor Nutricional

Nutritional value

Our wood-fired oven allows us to offer roasted or grilled meat, which reduces its fat content and allows us to offer you healthier dishes. Also, its accompaniments are prepared with natural ingredients and with the nutritional balance in mind.

Servicio Precio


Because it’s not à la carte service we can offer lower prices without undermining the quality. We also use season fruits and veggies to reduce costs and help local producers.

How to set up your meal?


Discover our dishes!

Chips de fruta de Pan

Breadfruit chips

Ensalada de cuadrado verde con atún

Cuadrado salad with tuna

Pastel de tubérculos con carne molida

Meat and tuber pie

Postre de camote

Sweet potato dessert

Benefits of visiting our restaurant

Ample parking spaces.

Fresh ingredients and traditional flavor

A traditional cultural ambiance

Spacious installations