An ideal family restaurant in La Fortuna
11 June, 2017

An ideal family restaurant in La Fortuna

Time spent with family is priceless; every day we learn more about the people with whom we live and who help us to be better people.  Children grow up so quickly, and as parents grow older they share useful wisdom which is valuable to all of us.

Spending family time has become less common, and there are fewer and fewer spaces that are geared towards family time. At La Choza de Laurel, we create an environment that is enjoyable for both adults and little ones, which makes us an ideal family restaurant.

What makes La Choza de Laurel an ideal family restaurant?

Kids are often full of adrenaline and limiting them isn’t healthy, so our restaurant has ample open spaces for kids, so that they don’t feel enclosed or overwhelmed.

We also have many dishes that are appetizing to children on our menu, starting with the tasty smoothies. You’ll be able to see a fruit slicing demonstration by a chef, and enjoy a delicious menu including hamburgers, French fries, nachos, chips, and amazing homemade desserts.

We also have a varied menu for adults, where you can order a la carte or at the Guarumo buffet. Please let us explain…

A la carte menu

Buffet Service

The a la carte menu is quite varied; we offer our famous barbeque which is an excellent option for those who love grilled food, or there’s the “casado” mixed plate, which is a culinary wonder for locals and visitors alike. The casado can be prepared vegetarian or with meat.

Another house specialty is the barbequed tenderloin served with warm tortillas and our iconic Creole salad. Other delicious dishes that we haven’t mentioned are the “chifrijo”, the volcano-style rice, and the peasant-style tenderloin. Everyone’s appetite will be well satisfied when eating here.

The Guarumo buffet service is designed to serve those who are in a hurry. Visitors to La Fortuna are often seeking adventure, so during their limited time for eating they’re looking for speed, variety, a good price, and authenticity.


There are those who say love starts with a look, and the love of food is no exception. Those who come to Guarumo are able to follow their instincts while observing, enjoying the aroma, and even sampling dishes at the buffet before ordering.

  • What makes Guarumo original and a success with our clients, beyond the high quality, is variety and innovation. Our chefs are daring and try a fusion of ingredients, flavours, and gastronomic trends to offer haute cuisine without forgetting our roots. This variety makes us an ideal family restaurant for our clients.

A piece of Costa Rican history

La Choza de Laurel has become something of a small museum where you will find unique pieces that represent our cultural character, which will surely be interesting for adults who want to come with family members who have been living abroad for a long time or who have never visited Costa Rica.

It’s important to us that families, starting with children, learn about our roots and the customs and traditions that characterize us. So, while you’re enjoying a meal you can also take advantage of an educational tour for curious youngsters who are eager to learn in our small, improvised museum.

We also offer recreational activities such as marimba playing, cultural dancing, and live music shows. The atmosphere is very cheerful during these times, and as Ticos we are bursting with cheer and everyone enjoys good music and dancing.

All of this makes us an ideal restaurant where you can enjoy time as a family, so if you’re planning on visiting La Fortuna, make sure to come by La Choza de Laurel. We’re sure that you’ll make good family memories here, because beyond being a restaurant, we aim to offer memorable experiences.