Costa Rica: family vacation destiny
8 January, 2016

Costa Rica: family vacation destiny

Vacations won’t cost a lot

In comparison with travels to Europe, Latin America is a wonder of an alternative option to take a family vacation, and you won´t have to wait for a better exchange rate. Costa Rica is a place where tourism is a strong and settled down activity. You can trust to be visiting a safe place and you won’t have to make your wallet suffer that much. In fact, for about half the price of any other big tour, such as Europe, you’ll discover a whole new world along your children.

National Parks are a return to nature

Prepare yourselves for the animal encounters. Tell your children to forget how animals look at the zoo, here you’ll meet them face to face, actually a little bit farther, but all into the wild. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to go deep in the forest; most of Costa Rica’s national parks have trails that’ll allow you to meet sloths, capuchin monkeys, iguanas, hundreds of birds, and of course several meters tall trees. Most of these trails are easy enough for kids to walk them, or run if they want! The national parks are located on the country’s mountains, beaches and volcanoes.

Costa Rica has hotels for every budget

Costa Rica offers all types of accommodations, from rustic lodges to American chains to luxury private villas. In the same town or region, you can find a great variety of lodging. There are some places who keep the natural environment combining facilities with gardens and else, and you can find big comfortable hotels too. It all depends on your taste and budget, but it’s sure you’ll find a nice place. In most of the hotels they’ll help you to know the local activities, such as hiking, horse riding, kayaking, canopy, and many, really, many more.

You will visit one of the greenest country in the world!

Many countries talk the eco-tourism talk, but here you’re going to find the real thing. Right now, Costa Rica is the third greenest country in the world, in 2015, 99{df7625b6c907029960a1ddf14be74dcba86348faccfb5c35275fc7f65556c2c4} of the energy used came from renewable sources. Being immersed in this kind of eco-culture may have a huge impact on your family When was the last time your vacation changed how your family sees the world?

Have a blast at an active volcano.

The landscape of a lifetime: a huge almost perfect cone shaped volcano, which by the way is active, along with a big lake, both surrounded by tropical forest and neighbors to a mountain that happens to be an inactive volcano that has a lagoon on its top. We know, “seeing is believing”, so you better!

Have a blast at an active volcano