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El Guarumo - Typical Deluxe Buffet
At La Choza de Laurel we provide a unique experience; with our outstanding customer service, we show the warmth and kindness that is characteristic of Costa Ricans.
Service and Quuality for 20 years


    Why do we offer a buffet service?

    This service is geared towards modern tourists, who are generally busy and have limited time. That’s why they’re looking for speed, variety, good prices and authenticity.

    These four elements are the cornerstones of Guarumo, where clients have the advantage of not being limited to looking at the photos on the a la carte menu, but rather, they can let their instincts guide them while observing, enjoying the aroma, and even trying options at the buffet before ordering.

    What sets us apart?

    Servicio Calidad


    Our experience and high level of service allow us to offer haute cuisine to our customers, without forgetting out roots.

    Servicio Innovación


    We experiment while boldly combining ingredients, flavours, and gastronomic trends. We create dishes with new, unique flavours that are based on traditional Costa Rican cooking.

    Servicio Presentación


    At La Choza de Laurel we stay true to our style of offering highly visually attractive dishes, and Guarumo is no exception.

    Servicio Variedad


    Buffets are known for their versatility, and we make the best of this by charming and surprising our customers with meat and salad options, along with an exclusive variety of garnishes.

    Servicio Valor Nutricional


    We strive to prepare meat with low fat content to make sure that our dishes are healthy. Our side dishes are also prepared using fresh, natural ingredients, while keeping the body’s nutritional balance in mind.

    Servicio Precio


    At Guarumo, we’re able to offer lower prices without compromising quality. We do this by using locally produced, seasonal fruits and vegetables, so that we can save money while supporting local farmers.

    How to create your dish:



    Chips de fruta de Pan

    Breadfruit chips

    Ensalada de cuadrado verde con atún

    Cuadrado salad with tuna

    Pastel de tubérculos con carne molida

    Meat and tuber pie

    Postre de camote

    Sweet potato dessert

    Benefits of visiting our restaurant

    Ample parking spaces.

    Fresh ingredients and traditional flavor

    A traditional cultural ambiance

    Spacious installations